Saturday, March 6, 2010

Listening for God's Voice

Listening for God's voice is a big challenge for me.

When I fail to hear it, often times I'm tempted to think that He doesn't really speak to me.

In truth, I guess I know that He DOES speak. I think maybe it's hard to discern His voice sometimes over my OWN thoughts. Often times when I pray, I already know what I want to hear. I have a specific prayer intention and I'm sure that if I pray hard enough God will answer my prayer exactly the way I pray it. Often times, I feel I already know the mind of God. His opinion has to be the same as mine, right? (Because what other opinion could there be?) My mind is set and I leave little room for Him to get a word in edgewise!

I am trying to learn to be more humble in my prayer. I am trying to learn to say to God "This is how I see the situation...." "This is how I feel..." etc., "BUT - YOUR Wisdom surpasses all human knowledge. YOU see the WHOLE picture while I can only see what affects me. YOU, God, are ALL Good, ALL Loving, ALL Wise. I recognize that I am merely the created. YOU are the CREATOR. I trust You with this situation because I TRUST Your love for me and ALL mankind. Help me to open my heart to Your direction and please give me the courage and grace to DO what You ask me to do and BE who you want me to be! Amen."

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