Saturday, December 26, 2009

True Joy

There are SO many people around me who struggle. They are unhappy with their life circumstances. It's interesting - but painful - to watch their coping techniques.

Many THINK they know the secret to happiness. "If only I could find a different job." "If only I could be married." "If only my spouse was different." "If only I could lose this weight."

Many actively pursue these changes. Some go so far as to leave their spouse of many years. Some look for other jobs. Many do the on again /off again diet thing! Some don't pursue any changes in their lifestyle - they just fall into depression because they've convinced themselves that they are never going to be happy.

I want to shout at them all that none of the changes they seek will ever make them happy. The changes may FOOL them into thinking they're happy for awhile. But the new boss will disappoint just like the last boss. And the new spouse will be less perfect as time goes on. The weight may come off but other health issues will arise.

Outside circumstances do NOT determine happiness. Happiness comes from within. It comes from being grateful for what we have rather than envious of what we don't have. And the truth of the matter is - if we foster a relationship with God our Father, true joy will come. It will be a part of our very being and it will be present in our lives no matter what the outer circumstances are.

It REALLY is that simple. But most people don't believe it. They work backwards. They think they have to get the outside circumstances right themselves and THEN they'll seek a relationship with their Father in heaven. Oh, how I wish I could make them understand. It's so hard to see them struggling.

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