Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Purpose in Life

God does not exist to serve me. He is NOT a genie in a bottle just waiting around for me to say a prayer so He can grant my every wish.

No, He is my Creator - and truth be known, it is I who exist to serve Him. He created me for a purpose. The Baltimore Catechism said it best. 'God created man to know Him, love Him and serve Him in this life and to be happy with Him in the next.'

I do not fully understand my purpose as My Creator does. I DO understand that if I trust my life to God that He will be able to complete the work for which He created me.

How do I trust God? I trust the wisdom that I find in Scripture.

I forgive - even when the wound is unforgivable which most of the time, it's not. But even when it is, I forgive. Even if I can't forgive immediately, I work towards that goal and ask God to help me reach it. For Jesus said, 'Forgive others as the Heavenly Father forgives you.' It goes against human nature, I think - but that is the wisdom of God. I trust God.

I pray 'Thy will be done.' and mean it. I understand that MY will is based on my limited vision. MY will is based on what I believe will relieve my stress level and my fears. MY will is that other people change to fit the standard I deem acceptable. But God's vision is bigger than mine and He didn't create the world for my personal happiness. He gave me life and placed me in this place at this time to give me the opportunity to grow in His likeness. He did not create my trials but He uses them to help me grow in patience, in humility, in compassion and love. It is tempting to ask God to take my trials from me - and sometimes I DO ask - but I always follow that prayer by acknowledging that His wisdom surpasses all human understanding and I trust that wisdom. I trust God. 'Thy will be done'.

God is MY Creator! May I never forget that or misunderstand. I do NOT know better than God. I might not understand His ways - but that does not mean His ways are wrong. It simply means I do not understand the ways of a being who is perfect in every way. Praise be to God forever and always. Amen!

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